Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic care can be utilized as frequently as is needed to alleviate pain. Some conditions require more frequent care consisting of 3-4x/week, while others can be managed with a less intensive approach of 1x/week or less. Your personal frequency of chiropractic treatment will be established based on your initial examination and re-examinations, as every ailment is addressed with the root cause in mind.

What types of conditions do chiropractor’s treat?

Chiropractors treat conditions that affect the joints in the body. Although most complaints tend to be spinally oriented, there are many cases where extremity pain may be related to the spine. For example, numbness and tingling can be caused by a nerve being compressed by spinal structures or other joints in the body. A thorough exam can help unfold the root cause of a condition and will establish whether or not a chiropractic approach is appropriate. 

As all the joints in the body are held together by muscles, muscular complaints can also be addressed through chiropractic care. Here at Manhattan House Chiropractic, we strongly believe in incorporating corrective exercise into our treatments in order to address the body as a whole, instead of focusing on the individual parts.

Learn more about the conditions we treat here.

What if I don’t want adjustments?

That’s totally fine! There are various techniques that we can utilize to get your body moving right, such as mechanical traction of the neck and lower back, activator technique, pelvic blocking and joint mobilizations, if such an adjustment is appropriate for you.

How do I know if my insurance covers chiropractic?

Please give us a call! Our front desk staff is ready and willing to call your insurance company for you in order to provide you those answers with ease. Contact us today!

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